Beaulieu sur Mer: “Beautiful Place” by the sea

From its location in the heart of the Côte d’Azur this beautiful village of Beaulieu sur Mer has historically been the playgrounds of royalty, aristocracy, the super rich and other such celebrities. The Beaulieu sur Mer village has always risen to the occasion when playing host to the royals.
The Village of Beaulieu sur Mer is a resort paradise by the blue Mediterranean Sea, and its name Beaulieu sur Mer means “beautiful place by the sea” in French. It lies between Nice and Menton, with either of these cultural and economic centres in easy visiting distance. Nice is the closer of the two at only 10 kilometres, or a little more than 6 miles, away from the heart of Beaulieu sur Mer.

The village of Beaulieu sur Mer is not large; it is in fact, quite small with a population of only three thousand seven hundred and covering ninety-five hectares of prime French real estate. Today the Beaulieu sur Mer village and its Côte d’Azur neighbours boast excellent dining, a casino (briefly closed – possibly the only casino to go temporarily bankrupt), various entertainment options including sports both aquatic and land, cultural events, a marina, a yacht club, tennis courts, concerts, exhibitions, a fete, and other wonders that one associates with the good life that is available with wealth and prestige.

One of the unique places to visit in Beaulieu sur Mer is the Kérylos Greek villa. This mansion was built in imitation of a Greek Villa from the Athenian age. It is decorated with mosaics, frescos, and marble. Many beautiful Greek antiques are stored there from the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth centuries AD. If your senses are not overwhelmed by the ancient splendour of the castle’’ interior, you may wish to explore the exterior, particularly the lush gardens artfully laid out and looking out onto the sea.

For the religiously minded, as well as those that have an interest in European architecture, there are the Santa Maria de Olivo chapel and an 1899 church. These reflect the Catholic heritage of France, as well as the devotion of the French people and the villagers of Beaulieu sur Mer to both beauty and their God. The churches are well worth seeing.

The beaches of Beaulieu sur Mer are one of the things that are most attractive about this place, and many tourists in surrounding towns such as Nice go by bus (number 100 to Monaco, price €1) just to spend the afternoon there. The beaches are a wonderful place to connect with your family, build a sand castle, sunbathe, or just unwind, away from the sun-worshippers and smell of coconut tanning lotion pervading the more popular resorts.

When one tires of the beaches, there are always the inviting waters of the sea itself. The water of the Mediterranean near the village of Beaulieu sur Mer are always a refreshing temperature for swimming, and the circular bay is well sheltered meaning only gentle waves ever lap onto the shore. For those that like adventure, one can take up the more exciting sports of water-skiing or jet skiing. For those of a more leisurely pace, trout fishing is particularly lucrative in this area. The meat of the fish is soft and tasty, and it is even better when you have the knowledge that you caught it yourself.

The village of Beaulieu sur Mer hosts one fête, the Fête des Pêcheurs. Attending this celebration is a way to appreciate the local culture and traditions while having a very enjoyable time.

One has several options of where to stay when they are visiting in the little resort village of Beaulieu sur Mer. Holiday rentals are available, as are hotels. Accommodations are expensive, but the service reflects the cost.