Map of Nice in 1543

Culture in Nice thrives on artists past and present. Nice is second only to Paris in its number of museums and art galleries. On the first and third Sunday of the month most museums are free to the public.

The Archaeology Museum of Nice-Cimiez ¹

Offers collections ranging from the Bronze and Iron age to the Dark ages giving you an idea of life hundreds of years ago. Here one can visit the amphitheatre and the public baths. This museum is closed on Tuesday and is found on 160 avenue des Arenes Tel:+33 4 93 81 59 57.

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art ¹

Showcases the top new talent in France, whilst works by local sculptors can be seen in the parks and along the Promenade. Artists can also be seen perfecting their craft throughout the winding streets of the Old Town where their works are on display and for sale. Closed Tues and bank holidays. Promenade des Arts. Tel +33 4 93 62 61 62

Anatole Jakovsky International Museum of Nave art ¹

Located in Fabron, this museum owes its existence to Anatole and Renee Jakavsky for their large donation of 600 paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures retracing the history of Naïve Art from the 18th century to the present. There are a large variety of works here from many artists. This museum is closed on Tuesday Tel+353 493 71 78 33

Fine Arts Museum ¹

Founded in 1928, this museum was set up in a splendid 19th century villa. Collections and painting span 6 centuries. Closed on Monday. 33 avenue des Bautmetts. +33 4 92 15 28 28.

The museum of Natural history (Musee Barla*) ¹

Nice’s oldest museum founded in 1846. The idea behind this museum is to raise public awareness to the importance of protecting the environment. Closed on Mondays. 60 bis boulevard Risso. +33 4 97 13 46 80

Matisse Museum ¹

Matisse lived in Nice from 1917 until his death in 1954. Now in a 17th century Genoese villa in the Jardins de Cimiez one can find his personal collection. This fully renovated house boasts 236 drawings, 218 engravings and a complete presentation of books illustrated by the artist. Closed on Tuesdays. 164 avenue des Arenes de Cimiez. Tel +33 4 93 81 08 08

Palais Lacaris ¹

This Palais, from 1648, remained residence of the Lascaris-Vintimille family until the revolution. After the sale of this baroque style palace, it deteriorated greatly. Consisting of two buildings organized around two small inner courtyards from which a monumental stairway leads off through arched bays the Palais was acquired by the city of Nice in 1942. Closed on Tuesday. 15 rue Droite +33 4 93 62 72 49

Villa Arson

This 18th century villa enshrined by contemporary and concrete architecture house 20,000 squared meters of sprawling terraces and gardens which harbor the National School of Art. Open every day 2pm-7pm in summer 3pm-6pmin winter. Closed on Tuesdays. 20 avenue Stephen Liegeard. Tel +33 92 07 73 73

Terra Amata Human Palaeontology Museum ¹

Sits on a spot where a pre-historic house was discovered. This museum is residence of a 400,000 year old elephant hunters camp site, casts of occupation levels and the reconstruction of prehistoric huts. Closed Mondays and some bank hols. 25 boulevard Carnot. Tel +33 4 93 55 59 93

Church and Monastery of Cimiez ¹

Through its many paintings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, frescos and engravings describes the life of Franciscans in Nice from the 13th to the 18th centuries. This museum Is closed Sundays and some bank holidays. Place du Monastere. Tel +33 4 93 81 00 04

  • ¹ 7-day museums pass: 1 entrance per museum, valid for 7 days in all municipal museums, price €6
  • ¹ 1 year museums pass: valid for 15 admissions in all municipal museums for 1 year starting on the date of purchase. Price €18.30/ Discount Price €9.15

  • Riviera Museum Pass: For 65 museums, monuments and gardens. 1 day €10. 3 consecutive days: €17. For 7 consecutive days €27
  • These passes are found at the sales desks in all museums with an admissions fee