Nice Airport

Nice Cote d’Azur Aiport, which was built on land reclaimed form the sea, is the second largest airport in France. This significant business entity plays an important role in the growth of tourism and commercial activity in the region. Over 60 scheduled airlines fly to over 100 different destinations, and that number is growing all the time. There are flights to 14 different British airports, to every single Scandinavian capital, and 46 other European airports. There are flights direct to key international destinations such as New York, Moscow and Dubai.

Until the tram line completes its construction between the city centre and the airport, there are two ways to get into town: bus and taxi. The bus costs €6 for the express between the airport and the Port, stopping along the Promenade des Anglais, Place Massena, along the Old Town, and Place Garibaldi along the way. Buses leave every 20 minutes and run from 6am until midnight. On the front it is marked “98 Gare Routiere / Riquier”. You can also catch the local bus to the train station, cost €1.50, marked “99 Gare SNCF”. This runs from 8am to 9pm, leaving every 30 minutes, but is a stopping service and quite slow. The same bus services both Terminals.

The price of a taxi varies with the accent of the occupant but should be around €30 from the airport to the city centre. When asking they generally irritatedly point to the meter, but if in doubt feel free to stand your ground and ask for an estimate (“environ combien?“).