Squatters rent out their apartment

According to local newspaper, Nice Matin, a number of apartments were broken into in June across Nice… and then advertised and rented out to holiday makers and even locals! In this audacious scam, the perpetrators went so far as changing the locks and the name on the letterbox. Several of the apartments were in the “Horizon Bleu” apartment block on avenue Paul-Arène, near Park Imperial.

Alerted by neighbours, a couple of owners managed to jump in the car and retake possession of their apartments. The others were not so fortunate. Once somebody has stayed in your apartment for more than 48 hours it is impossible to get them out without a court order. This can take up to two years. A couple of the apartments were resolved in an “amicable manner”, but the other owners were left in anguish. The people occupying were loath to leave having paid up front in cash, and presumably nowhere else to go.

Full article here: http://www.nicematin.com/nice/a-nice-des-logements-squattes-a-louer-sur-leboncoinfr.1843556.html