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  • Send us links

    We work with every estate agency in Nice and so if you see any advert on any web site you like, feel free to send it to us for our opinion. As we work on behalf of the buyer rather than the seller, we have no hidden agenda to push you toward any one property.

  • The 2014 Collection

    Property in Nice sold like hot cakes in 2013. Most of the properties on our books and our site were sold. Starting January 2014 we will start adding new properties to our showcase, but remember with thousands of properties on our books we only put on a few examples. Contact us for a more complete portfolio.

  • Hottest property in Nice

    We work directly with the best developers in Nice who buy only in the most desirable locations. You can get a property thousands below market value, but you need to be able to fly over at short notice as they often sell within days of coming onto market. Please ask for these as these rarely the web sites.

We have decided not to list any properties in this area yet as buyers are predominently local. Property turns over more slowly, lacks the capital appreciation, and has lower rental yield. We do work with all the estate agencies in Nice and are quite happy to show properties in this area if you really want. Please read our area guide first to see if it is where you are really looking to stay. Then contact us and we will send you a portfolio of properties in your preferred area.