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We work with every estate agency in Nice and so if you see any advert on any web site you like, feel free to send it to us for our opinion. As we work on behalf of the buyer rather than the seller, we have no hidden agenda to push you toward any one property.

The 2016 Collection

Property in Nice sold like crazy the last year. Practically all the properties on the site have now sold, and good properties are so scarce they sell before they can go on the site. For June/July 2016 we are doing bespoke portfolios only, with just the newest properties on the market that day.

Hottest property in Nice

We work directly with the best developers in Nice who buy only in the most desirable locations. You can get a property thousands below market value, but you need to be able to fly over at short notice as they often sell within days of coming onto market. Please ask for these as these rarely reach the web sites.

Budget: any