126m² 2 bedroom
Built in 1900, the Majestic overlooking Nice maintains its grand heritage with its immaculate sweeping entrance, perfectly maintained antique lifts and marble stairwells. The 3rd floor apartment has high ceilings and original turn-of-century columns and fittings which contrast perfectly with the discreet fitted kitchen and hardwood flooring. The photos cannot do justice to the spacial feel as you explore the apartment. The original bath and sink have been fully restored to their turn-of-the-century glory and are an instant talking point. The master bedroom has direct access to the bath/shower room, and next door is a second smaller bedroom. The breakfast table on the terrace just off the kitchen gives a view over Nice, and the sea view stretches all the way to Antibes. We pride ourselves on our honest down to earth write-ups, but this stately apartment truly is a must-see.
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One of the oldest areas in the city, the bourgeois residential area of Cimiez is family orientated. Full of parks, museums, and grand old buildings with intricate facades, Cimiez is middle-class suburbia, French style.

Advantages for a holiday home
  • A quiet and prestigious neighbourhood
  • Modern residences with good size terraces
Disdvantages for a holiday home
  • Away from all the amenities
Advantages for investors
  • Grand buildings in a leafy suburb
Disdvantages for investors
  • Stranded outside the city outskirts