41m² 1 bedroom
This apartment is a good size for the price, and with a coveted balcony on the second floor. It is renovated to a decent standard, with good size living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The balcony is a street view but large enough for a couple to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine. It looks onto a nice historic building. The building is in very good condition as are the communal areas. It is five minutes walk to the train station and ten minutes to the beach. It is not in the prime rental area, but if that balcony is a must have and you do not mind an extra five minute walk to the beach then this is worth visiting.
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Musicians Quarter
Those that want easy walking distance to the beach, bars and boutiques, but do not want the bustle of the Carre d'Or or Old Town, turn to the more residential Musicians Quarter. Just to the north of the Carre d'Or, but still a 10 minute walk to the beach, this well kept district contains an abundance of beautiful Art Deco, Belle Epoque and grand Bourgeois buildings.

Advantages for a holiday home
  • Easy walking distance to beach and city centre
  • Well kept and respected central district
  • Good capital appreciation and easy resale
Disdvantages for a holiday home
  • Hard to find a balcony or terrace
Advantages for investors
  • Central to beaches, shopping, and bars/restaurants
  • Classic French architecture in a well kept area
  • Attracts a more mature and respectful clientele
Disdvantages for investors
  • The extra 5 minutes walk to the beach over Carre d'Or
  • Nicer building at the expense of lower yield