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We work with every estate agency in Nice and so if you see any advert on any web site you like, feel free to send it to us for our opinion.

As we work on behalf of the buyer rather than the seller, we have no hidden agenda to push you toward any one property. We split the commission with the listing agent, we are free of charge to the buyer.

The 2017 Collection

Property in Nice sold like crazy the last year in 2016. We sold most of the properties on our site in the run up to Christmas, and good properties are so scarce they often sell before they can go on the site. All current properties were put online December 2016. For January 2017 we are doing bespoke portfolios only, with just the newest properties on the market that day.

Hottest property in Nice

Not only do we work with every single real estate agency in Nice, we work directly with the best developers in Nice who buy only in the most desirable locations. Book your flight and let us know your arrival date, and we will arrange a bespoke site of viewings showing you only the best deals for sale on the market that week. We update our internal property list daily.

Budget: any

Some recently sold properties

Here are some properties we have recently sold but not yet replaced (coming January 2017). We always have similar properties coming up for sale, so please feel free to contact us about any of the ones below and we can tell you what else we have on our books that is similar. We partner with over 750 different real estate agencies in Nice and so if it is out there then we can get it.