Nice moves up in rankings

Nice has spent the past decade constantly evolving, with grand projects and hundreds of millions of euros of investment being poured into the city. The main squares have been transformed into spectacular piazzas, there is a new tramway infrastructure, the Old Town has had a make-over, and a stunning new park has been constructed right through the heart of the city. People that have visited only a few years ago will hardly recognize the new Nice.

The result is that Nice has been voted by Trip Advisor in their 2015 Traveller’s Choice Awards the 2nd best place in France to visit. The American site U.S. News & World Report has Nice in 2015 ranked as the 3rd best summer vacation place in the world.

Next year, 2016 is also a big year with the brand new football stadium of Nice being selected for the Euro 2016 Football competition. Equally exciting for the locals will be the opening of a massive IKEA store. For those coming on holiday, following the success of the brand new park that cuts through the heart of the city that opened last year, the roofs of the Ponchettes restaurants on the Cours Saleya will be turned into a miniature Promenade des Anglais for friends and families to wander down.

And this is just the start. Work is already underway on the new Nice metro system, with underground stations already being excavated at stops such as Place Garibaldi and Place Wilson. By 2017 the new tram line will run all the way from the Port to the airport. In 2018 one of the largest conference centres in Europe, at 70,000m² large enough to rival Barcelona and Milan, will open. And in 2019, the new transport hub will be completed linking up the airport, bus services, and tram line.

Despite all of this, property prices have not yet caught up with their more static neighbours, with the average price of a Nice property (€4,111/m²) still 12% cheaper than Cannes (€4,672/m²) and 9% cheaper than Antibes (€4,426/m²) and Menton (€4,581/m²). At some point the market will wake up and start to close that gap.