As you take the tramway from Place Massena, once you go past Place Garibaldi you start heading into East Nice. The east is the most run down and least desirable part.

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Initially the east of Nice is between the bottom of Cimiez and the north of the Port. At the north end you leave Place Garibaldi and head down Avenue de la Republique. This road was pedestrianised for the tramway and has improved slightly but it still not desirable as it starts falling into the “slightly too far from town” category. A lot of property descriptions try and pass properties here off as “Garibaldi”, which is false if the property is not situated directly in the square.

As you go further down this road you pass the Nice Acropolis conference centre. This famous structure hosts a lot of telecommunication and medical conferences. It also hosts classical concerts and ballets, and has a built-in entertainment complex including cinema and bowling. Past this point the value of property plunges. At the end of the road you reach the Palais des Expositions, a large centre of trade shows. At this point you are at the start of the River Paillon, and one the way to the Pasteur council estate.

To the north of the port is Riquier, which hosts one of the three train stations of Nice. Opposite the Nice Riquier train station is Fly, the French equivalent of Ikea, which is an excellent stop for new home owners in Nice. Between Riquier and the Palais des Expositions is the Carrefour TNL supermarket, one of the largest in Nice. Architecture here is predominantly post-war and generally functional.

Behind Riquier, is the Saint-Roch council estate. This used to be a rough area, but with the University of Saint-Jean d’Angely and the revamped sports facilities at Vauban, it has evolved into a more student area. These cheap-looking blocks stretch along the tram line all the way to the terminus at Pont Michel where Nice joins the A8 motorway.

Two of the three main council estate areas in Nice reside in the east on the banks of the river: Pasteur and L’Ariane. There are pretty far out from the centre, around 5km and 10km respectively. They are to be avoided.

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Advantages for a holiday home
  • Cheap
Disdvantages for a holiday home
  • Poor location
Advantages for investors
  • None
Disdvantages for investors
  • Poor location