The Fleurs district lies between the Boulevard Gambetta and Boulevard Grosso. Best known for the trendy Hi Hotel, it is a short walk from the beach.

To be honest we have only put this district in as our rivals appear to be pushing it so hard. They claim it is an “up and coming” area, though we see very little evidence of this. It is a bit of a spill-over area the other side of Boulevard Gambetta from the Carre d’Or and the Musicians Quarter. The first couple of blocks are not bad but it then goes downhill until it reaches the not-so-desirable Boulevard Grosso.

Much of the architecture is 1960s square concrete, with a few nicer buildings mixed in. An exception to this is the beautiful Palais Orangers, on Avenue des Orangers.

Buyers here are tempted by the cheaper price per square metre, and the fact you can have a terrace within a smaller budget. Rental here will be lower than the districts closer to the centre, and holiday makers are less like to want their phone unlocked or car serviced than they will want the chic boutiques and bars found in the other districts.

There are a few desirable properties hidden and scattered throughout this district, but they are the exception rather than the rule. You should tread carefully in this area with an experienced real estate agent. If a property here is claimed to be a “great rental”, get this independently verified by a specialist holiday rental agency.

General info about - Nice - French Riviera

Advantages for a holiday home
  • Cheaper price per square metre
Disdvantages for a holiday home
  • Below par architecture
Advantages for investors
  • Close to the beach
  • More affordable properties with terraces
Disdvantages for investors
  • Few facilities in the immediate vicinity
  • Inferior reputation to neighbouring areas