How we work

We do a dedicated search for each and every client. Before the client arrives, we sift through the thousands of properties from hundreds of agencies and just cherry pick the very best ones on the market to view. Using our long experience with an international clientele, and putting in hours of searching the databases and hitting the phones and the streets, we will ensure you do not have a wasted journey. We can schedule all the viewings in one day, and you will view all the best possible matching properties on sale at the time of your visit.

How much do we charge for this service? Absolutely nothing. We take a share of the selling agency commission like any other estate agent. How can we afford to do this? Because we take the time to ensure the client knows what they are looking for, and we present a selection of properties upon your arrival that no other agency can put together. Our high success rate allows us to take on fewer clients but provide a superior level of service. We do not ask any exclusivity, only that given the large amount of groundwork we do prior to your arrival that you view with us first.

Why choose us?

We are not the only “property finding service” but we are the most experienced. We also work with a wider range of estate agencies than anybody else to ensure you get the best possible choice. We have access to all the properties of the MLS, SIA, Orpi, and all the other French real estate networks. As we go through the original listing agent we make sure you get the lowest price. We also have good relationships with the local property developers ensuring our clients get a head start on any new projects.

As we are not tied to our own properties or a small group of favoured agencies, we can be impartial and give our honest opinion whenever asked. We are not there to sell you a property, we are there to help you choose one. Make us your first stop. Use the contact page and let us show what we can do for you.

Buying a property through us

We stand by our clients all the way from the selection process all the way through to the final signing. We take the time to explain in detail to our clients their rights and their responsibilities, so they can have peace of mind through-out the process.

Even after the sale, we will be there for any advice you need. We often have a client call needing a plumber or electrician, or simply a bill they do not understand and need explaining. When abroad, it helps knowing you have somebody friendly and available you can call upon during a time of need. We get a lot of clients through good word of mouth, and we know a high level of post-sales service will enable that to continue.

Selling a property through us

We are a fully licensed real estate agency and have an international clientele that most other agencies do not. If you decide to give us the listing, as long as you have your paperwork and a scanner we can take care of everything in France for you. The valuation of the property will be done by a trained expert immobilier, and the company will take care of all photography and marketing at no expense to yourself.

However we do not hoard the listing to ourselves in the hope of a chance buyer. We immediately list it on all the agency networks, pushing it out to around 500 real estate agencies in and around Nice and giving your property maximum exposure. We are able to negotiate in English, French, Italian, Russian, Danish, and Swedish, filtering out time-wasters and working hard to obtain a deal that is satisfactory to both parties. Please send us the details of your property and we will let you know if it is a listing we will be prepared to take on.

Renting out your property

We do not handle renting out property ourselves, instead were prefer to partner with a number of different property management companies that can take care of all your needs. We can introduce you when in Nice, and can get them to give you a quote as to estimated weekly rental rate and number of weeks per year when you find a property you are considering buying.