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Choosing a home in the sun

What makes your perfect holiday home is something you need to tell us in more detail, but in general you are buying comfort and lifestyle. You might still want to rent it out to discerning renters to cover costs, it may still need to be a solid investment you can sell at a profit, but at the end of the day it has to be a place you feel comfortable. A place you feel at home and that you want to come back to time and time again. We will listen to what you want. We do not go outside of your criteria or budget. We recognise your time is valuable. Find the perfect holiday home.

Finding the perfect investment

There are plenty of fantastic buy-to-let apartments in Nice but it is a different market. Distance to the beach is more important than size. Poor communal areas or lack of a lift will help reduce the price but may not affect rentability. We will guide you through what makes a good investment property. Good properties often go within a couple of days, and often sell before they hit any web site. We are better connected than any other estate agency and can get you the hottest deals. Read our investment guide.

Some of our apartments for sale

Location location location

You will have an idea of size, bedrooms, view, and other specific things but equally you need to be happy with the location and its ambiance. The majority of local estate agents in Nice focus on a relatively small area immediately around them. We have access to every single property in Nice and in every sector of the city. So use our site to select the sort of property that appeals to you and we will start our search from there. We know every single street in Nice intimately, take advantage of our local knowledge. Ask as many questions as you wish by phone or email. Read our guide

Money matters

It is important to know the bottom line. When buying a property there are agency fees and government taxes. When getting a mortgage there are strict lending rules, as well as additional fees. Then there are yearly taxes, building management charges, and insurance. Most costs are surprisingly good value in Nice. Our set of guides will help you budget down to the penny and ensure there are no hidden surprises.

How French Law affects you

Buying and selling in France is a very simple and safe process. The Notaire takes care of everything, and every sale comes with a government guarantee. When buying in France it is important to understand the Compromis de Vente which lays out in detail the buying process and your commitments. When selling in France there are a number of certificates you need to supply to ensure your end of the Compromis de Vente meets legal requirements. As an owner you should be aware of French inheritance law, which affects your property in France irrelevant of any will made elsewhere.

Latest News – read all the news

Around now, all of you home owners should be getting an email from the Tax Office. For those of you that are worried, here is a quick translation:
Dear Madam/Sir/taxpayer,

The Government has made a major reform of local taxation. The first act concerns the housing tax "Taxe d'Habitation": 80% of households will be exempted for their principal residence by 2020. Eventually, this tax will be entirely abolished for all principal residences.

In fact, as of this year, 80% of households will benefit from a 30% reduction in their housing tax on their principal residence: you are part of it.

If you continue to meet the income conditions set by law, your housing tax will be reduced by 65% ​​in 2019 and then eliminated in 2020. However, this gain can be reduced if one of the local authorities that taxes you has increased its tax rate or removed benefits to you.

In accordance with the commitments of the President of the Republic, this strong measure is intended to improve your purchasing power.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the assurance of my highest consideration.
If your property is a holiday home then this does not affect you. You still have to pay for the next few years, though Mr Macron promised the abolition of this tax so it should disappear in the not too distant future. If you have become tax resident in France, it should be reduced by a third this year, by a further third next year, and disappear completely in 2020.

I am sure the irony has not escaped many of you, where in a couple of years the only people paying the "Habitation" tax are the people that do not "habiter" there. When the directive for the complete elimination of this tax, including holiday homes, is published I will let you know here.
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